Just got back from a trip to the Eastern cape of South Africa with 7 taxidermy clients...view some of the recent trophies and comments.

Since 1986, I have been organizing trips to Africa. Since that first trip to South Africa, I have been lucky enough to have hunted Botswana, Zambia, Tanzania and Zimbabwe. I have developed a strong partnership thru the years with Derick and Sylvia Van Staden, and have sent over 50 clients on a variety of big game hunts to many different countries. We will be leading a group in the summer of 2015... The safari company of Stormberg-Elangeni has partnered with Northwoods Taxidermy to offer some of the finest big game hunts available in Africa today. Please go to the Stormberg website www.sesafaris.com to view there e-brochure, and contact Northwoods Taxidermy for specials that become available. I will keep you updated on our plans and success. I have posted some photos of past local clients and some of the wonderfull trophies they have obtained.

  • &diams &diams Plains game packages available in the eastern cape
  • &diams &diams Cape Buffalo Package available in one of the few remaining open concessions in Zambia
  • &diams &diams Zambia Hippo croc 7 day hunt and Tanzania Plainsgame hunt being auctioned at the March 6-7 2015 SCI Wisconsin chapter banquet. Go to sciwi.org for more information
  • Go to www.sesafaris.com to view there E-Brochure.

Images of past hunts....